Nokia 3220 Camera Phone

Nokia 3220 Camera Phone


The Nokia 3220 is highlighted by transparent Nokia Xpress-On grips, which pulsate with light effects to indicate calls, messages, and in sync with the beat of ringtones. Self-styled cut-out covers and mobile themes, including ringtones, wallpapers, color schemes and light sequences, make personalization simple and fun. Best of all, the Nokia 3220 comes with a “lite” sales tag with an unsubsidized retail price estimated to start around 250 EUR.

From the company that pioneered text messaging, picture messaging and multimedia messaging, comes new innovation – Light Messaging. By waving the Nokia 3220 from side to side, the LED lights of the Nokia Xpress-on Fun Shell light up to “write” a message that appears to float in mid-air. Exchanging messages across a crowded room or at open-air concerts will never be the same.

How’s your tribe? Someone need voting off? The Nokia 3220 puts your “survivor” skills to the test with the first mobile game of the popular television series Survivor. Control characters. Create alliances. Vote off rivals. Compete against others to be the last one standing! Compelling mobile games, applications and services, including Survivor, can be purchased at

For a different twist, use your Nokia 3220 as a joystick in the motion games that complement the Nokia Xpress-on Fun Shell. Literally jump into the action by tilting the phone to move characters through a series of challenges and tests. Two motion games are included: SwampRacer, a high-octane airboat racing game, and AirExpress, where you fly freely around an exotic archipelago world.

What’s the point in experiencing real-life adventures when you can’t share them? With a built-in VGA camera you can send pics and videos using multimedia messaging service (MMS). Photos and short videos are easily stored on the Nokia 3220 phone so you can carry those summer memories with you all year.

For glowing personalities who enjoy being the life of the party, the Nokia 3220 answers the call.

The Nokia 3220 is a tri-band camera phone that will be available in two versions: a GSM 900/1800/1900 primarily for the European and Asian markets, and a GSM 850/1800/1900 primarily for the Americas. Shipments are expected to start in summer 2004.