3amlabs Launches Improved Remote Access for PDAs

3amlabs Launches Improved Remote Access for PDAs


Newest LogMeIn makes secure, remote access from PDAs to home or office computer easier than ever

From the RemotelyAnywhere.com press release:

3amlabs announced today the release of improved remote capabilities for PDAs providing users with easier, more powerful access to their home or office-based computer from anywhere in the world using only an Internet-connected PDA.

“As mobile professionals increasingly leverage broadband technologies — and PDAs and smartphones continue to converge — 3amlabs will continue to provide users with the ability to easily and securely access their computers, no matter where they are or what device they are using,” said Marton Anka, founder and CTO of 3amlabs. “Many of our customers choose to travel without any laptop or portable device at all, but for those who want the comfort of having their own device with them on the road, LogMeIn for PDAs lets them carry the absolute minimum amount of equipment and still have complete control of and access to their desktops back at the office.”

LogMeIn for PDAs provides access to documents from any Internet-enabled PDA or smartphone. PDAs using the Windows PocketPC 2003 operating system can use LogMeIn to securely transfer files and take full desktop control of the target computer’s desktop. 3amlabs also plans to extend this feature to PDAs running PalmOS or Symbian operating systems by late summer.

How it works

LogMeIn customers download a small software program onto their Windows-based system. LogMeIn for PDAs uses 3amlabs’s secure gateway to provide highly secure and easy access to office and/or home computers. With the LogMeIn host software on the computer that the customer wishes to access remotely (the target computer) and the gateway, there is no requirement to map ports on a firewall. The customer’s target computer maintains a constant SSL-secured connection with the 3amlabs servers.

The PDA browser establishes a connection to the gateway after the user has entered the correct password. The gateway matches the target computer and the PDA based on the Session ID that the PDA has obtained, and completes the encrypted connection between the two devices. The customer can then control his target computer and access files as if he were sitting in front of it.

System Requirements

Target computers that have Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP) can be accessed from any internet connected computer — including Windows, Mac and Linux-based systems — through LogMeIn.

Pricing and Availability

LogMeIn for PDAs is available to users of LogMeIn (http://www.Logmein.com) at no additional cost. The initial subscription price of $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year enables customers to access any two computers from anywhere in the world.