RWC MobiDV-H10 with MPEG-4 Video Recording

RWC MobiDV-H10 with MPEG-4 Video Recording


RWC of Japan has plans to release the Arex MobiDV-H10 video/still camera capable of MPEG-4 recording and playback. The H10 can shoot images at 4 megapixels and record MPEG-4 video at 640×480-25fps or 320×240-30fps. While it only has a 1.5-inch LCD screen it won’t make for the best video player, but it does support MP3 playback and audio/video output with built-in speakers.

The SD/MMC memory slot will allow for unlimited video recording and audio playback. The Arex measures 103x16x62mm and weighs 87 grams.

In my searches, I found that RWC is also carrying their version of the ZVUE personal video player. They call it the Arex PocketMX and it has the exact same features, I wonder if RWC is the creator of ZVUE.