GoRemote Mobile Office Solution

GoRemote Mobile Office Solution


GoRemote has released the latest version of their Mobile Office remote access solution. On your laptop computer or handheld Pocket PC, the software will search for the best available access point from your location, once found it will store that access point in your access directory. The software easily configures your Wi-Fi and dialup modems, Ethernet and any other PC devices.

With automatic service detection, your system will now automatically detect and display available Wi-Fi and Ethernet services for easy selection. You can add them to your preferred service list and Wi-Fi access will be automatically connected.

Users will have access to the GoRemote Global Network, the world’s largest access network with more than 40,000 access points in over 150 countries.

“Initial feedback from our end users about GoRemote Mobile Office is very positive,” said David Rossien, CIO, Adventis. “They have found that it’s very simple and easy to get securely connected from anywhere. The automated features eliminate technical hassles for end users while the security and management capabilities reduce the headaches of managing mobile and remote workers. We are looking forward to further enhancing our productivity with the new GoRemote Mobile Office,” he added. Adventis is a leading strategy and management consultancy to the global information industries.

GoRemote Mobile Office Features

— Connection profiles and bookmarks: Users can save connection and security parameters for quick connection to frequently-used access points;

— Custom access directories: Enterprise-specific directories list nearby GoRemote Global Network(TM) dial-up numbers for any location;

— GPRS/SMS support: Mobile users can access their corporate networks and even send and receive SMS messages via independent GPRS services;

— Contextual controls: The GoRemote Mobile Office user interface reduces complexity for end users by adjusting automatically to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS, or dial-up;

— Application and VPN auto-launch: GoRemote Mobile Office launches VPN software automatically, minimizing unprotected Internet exposure. The GoRemote client also auto-launches web browsers, saving end-users yet another time-consuming step;

— New user interface: The interface features clean, modern design and contextual controls. Customized access directories, predefined connection profiles, and other features speed the connection process and hide technical details; and

— Pocket PC support: GoRemote Mobile Office is certified to run on Windows Pocket PC products from Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, and Dell. Other platforms that use the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 operating system are also supported.