Ferrari Olympus Digital Model 2004

Ferrari Olympus Digital Model 2004


Last year, Olympus celebrated its official sponsorship of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team with the introduction of the first digital camera in the world officially sanctioned by Ferrari S.p.A. The incredible worldwide demand for the Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003 has now led to the development of a next generation model, which again reflects the successful and fitting partnership between Olympus and Ferrari. Like its predecessor, the Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between Olympus and Ferrari designers, embodying superior design, quality and durability. Fully conforming to Ferrari specifications, the colour of the aluminium body accurately reproduces the ‘Ferrari red’ which is the hallmark of Ferrari race cars. Its slim body exudes the aura of beauty, quality and advanced technology of the Ferrari racing machines. This model is an entirely new type of camera. Beyond its 3.2 million pixels and 3x optical zoom, it features a newly-developed, large LCD monitor that delivers high contrast and a wide viewing angle. In addition, new slideshow and album functions have been integrated, turning the camera into a portable photo album. The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 will be a limited edition, with only 10,000 units being offered worldwide, half of these have been allotted for Europe.

The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 is scheduled for release in July 2004 at a price of £499.99 (inc VAT).

Unique features

When the camera is switched on, the start-up screen shows a photo of an actual Ferrari F2004 Formula One racing machine and plays the sound of a Ferrari engine, so users can experience the thrill of Ferrari F1 Grand Prix racing every time they turn on the camera. In addition, the camera is equipped with an exclusive Ferrari Frame that enables users to enjoy their photos as a ‘Ferrari Slideshow’. Wipe, fade and zoom slide transitions are also offered to further increase viewing enjoyment. With the docking port provided, slideshows can be enjoyed on the built-in display, a computer monitor or a TV while the camera is being recharged.

Ferrari red colour and design specifications

The current Ferrari model was developed in cooperation with Ferrari designers. A special finishing process produces a deeper lustre to better match the distinctive trademark red. This gloss is extremely difficult to reproduce, requiring multiple processes to achieve a Ferrari red that matches the beauty, quality and durability of the original colour. In addition, the back of the body has been given carbon-tone accents with the same texture as the carbon fibre material used in Ferrari F1 racing car bodies. At the side of the LCD monitor there is the “Cavallino Rampante – Prancing Horse” logo that is a symbol of the Ferrari F1 team.

LCD monitor specifically designed for shooting, viewing and sharing

The new, revolutionary, 2.5” and amazingly clear 215,000 pixel LCD monitor delivers a high-definition image that enhances both shooting and viewing enjoyment. It offers three times the contrast of conventional LCDs and displays pictures with bright, vivid colours. It provides a 160° viewing angle both on the vertical and horizontal axis. This ensures excellent visibility and beautiful image quality even when the photos are viewed by several users simultaneously. Thanks to its improved visibility in bright light, excellent and clear monitor pictures are assured at the seaside, on the slopes and at other bright outdoor locations where conventional LCD monitors can’t cope. The new album function allows the shots to be organised into 12 photo albums of 100 images each, which can then be viewed on the LCD monitor, thus turning the Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 into a convenient camera/photo album in one, while the multi-function cradle supplied can be used as photo stand.

Professional-quality results

The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 is equipped with 18 scene program modes for optimum image quality in a wide range of shooting situations. With the help of the new TruePic TURBO image processor, image quality is enhanced even further. A control dial facilitates use by permitting various functions to be selected by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. The CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software makes file transfer to and image editing on the personal computer easy. It can also be used to upload photos to the digital camera, enabling users to carry their favourite images with them wherever they go. Thanks to PictBridge support, direct printing to any PictBridge-compatible printer without using a computer is possible.

Slim design and clean, elegant lines

The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 has an extremely slim body measuring just 22mm in thickness. Yet, it also packs a 3x optical zoom. This has been achieved through the use of a lens with an optical ‘folded’ light path. The new Ferrari model is one of the first Olympus digital cameras to feature such a construction that allows the combination of a slim design with zoom power.

Original Ferrari-specification accessories

Not only the camera but also a range of accessories have been developed for this model in close collaboration with Ferrari designers. A number of rare items are provided, packed in a special presentation box with the ‘Cavallino Rampante – Prancing Horse’ logo embossed on the lid. They include a hand strap and camera case made from a high-quality suede-textured material with red stitching modelled on the material used in Ferrari F1 racing machines. The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2004 comes with a Certificate of Authenticity displaying the camera’s limited serial number and autographed photos of Ferrari F1 team drivers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. A CD-ROM containing photos of the five-year period 1999-2003, in which Ferrari won the Constructors World Championship title, is additionally included.

Designed to reflect the beauty and quality that are hallmarks of Ferrari craftsmanship, this model will appeal not only to all Ferrari and F1 racing fans, but also to anyone who appreciates good design and the pleasure of owning a true limited-edition original.