The Qualcomm 6 Megapixel Phone

The Qualcomm 6 Megapixel Phone


Qualcomm unveiled the first of their 7000 series chips, these will allow for 6-megapixel cameras and full-motion camcorder recording. A 6-megapixel image sensor in mobile phones would make them competitive with the most advanced digital cameras being sold in consumer markets worldwide; including the Fujifilm FinePix F700 offers a resolution of 6.2 megapixels using Fuji’s proprietary chip called the Super CCD SR. Since this makes a camera phone competitive with the regular digital camera, soon we can see the camera phones domination in digital photography.

The company said that 21 W-CDMA wireless device makers have chosen Qualcomm’s mobile chipsets and software, including major rival Texas Instruments, Taiwan’s BenQ, Japan’s Mitsubishi, and Spain’s Vitelcom Mobile, a privately held supplier.

In addition, Qualcomm said it had signed up Yahoo Mobile to use Qualcomm’s BREW software to create wireless services, including a BREW-version of Yahoo’s popular Yahoo Messenger.