RIM Details BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0

RIM Details BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0


Research In Motion today announced plans to introduce the next major release of its enterprise software later this year. BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 will enhance the ease-of-use, security, manageability and extensibility features of BlackBerry, providing increased mobility, productivity and return on investment. The announcement was made at RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Chicago where customers, carriers, developers and industry analysts gathered this week for an intensive educational and networking event.

“BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 continues to build on the solid foundation that has already made BlackBerry the leading wireless platform for the enterprise with over one million subscribers,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and co-CEO at Research In Motion. “Security, reliability, manageability and scalability remained high priorities for this new release along with many new functional enhancements including wireless PIM synchronization, improved attachment viewing and enriched browsing.”

Key features of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 will include: simplified deployment, enhanced handheld asset control, additional wireless security capabilities, enhanced wireless experience and simplified application development.

Simplified deployment –
BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 will enable users to quickly connect their handheld to BlackBerry Enterprise Server with cradle-less wireless provisioning, making it easier for IT departments to deploy BlackBerry throughout their company. IT will be able to easily maintain control over BlackBerry without requiring centralized IT deployment or device fulfillment.

Enhanced handheld asset control –
IT departments with BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 will be provided with additional statistics regarding handhelds that are deployed for enhanced administration and asset tracking. IT departments will also be able to remotely control which applications can be installed on handhelds.

Additional wireless security capabilities –
BlackBerry is the standard for secure wireless data access with support for Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) and S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) government certification. With BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0, BlackBerry will offer additional security features though full support of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and content protection on the handheld with local data encryption.

Enhanced wireless experience –
BlackBerry continues to add functionality to enhance the end-user experience. BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 will provide customers with an enhanced data experience through improved attachment handling capabilities, enriched browser for wireless access to Internet and intranet applications and complete cradle-free wireless synchronization of all email and organizer applications. Enhanced phone features, such as improved user interface and speed dial, will also be available.

Simplified application development –
BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 will provide an enhanced browser and Java development tools that will enable developers to easily create and deploy applications for BlackBerry. The Mobile Data Service feature of BlackBerry Enterprise Server is uniquely designed to provide ISVs and in-house corporate developers with an environment that supports corporate data access and interaction capabilities beyond email. With BlackBerry Mobile Data Service, customers can leverage their existing, approved BlackBerry architecture and security model to deploy reliable, secure, end-to-end applications without any additional infrastructure to learn or support.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 is being demonstrated at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium this week and will become commercially available later this year. Further details regarding product specifications, beta trials and general availability will follow at a later date. Customers interested in receiving BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 updates can visit www.blackberry.com/go/serverupdate.