NTT DoCoMo OnQ Digital Broadcast Recorder

NTT DoCoMo OnQ Digital Broadcast Recorder


NTT DoCoMo revealed a new mobile phone concept capable of showing terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, the OnQ. The model is capable of recording programs from home and then taking them with you to watch later, it will also feature real-time TV broadcast viewing anywhere you can get coverage “timeshift viewing”.

The OnQ unit consists of: (1) a mobile phone holding a receptor for a “one-segment” broadcast, and (2) a cradle holding a hard disk device (HDD) recorder. The exhibition, however, only showed the concept, and the exhibit did not have a tuner, communication function or HDD for actual operation.

NTT DoCoMo listed two reasons for emphasizing the “timeshift viewing” function for a mobile phone with TV reception capability.

One is the issue of battery life and the other is the issue of circumstances where users cannot receive broadcasts due to poor reception, such as underground.

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