NASA Interested in Wi-Fi Tracking Technology

NASA Interested in Wi-Fi Tracking Technology


National Scientific Corporation today announced that their Wi-Fi tracking technology is among several technologies under evaluation with NASA for possible use on the International Space Station and future space exploration vehicles.

NASA is interested in NSC’s WiFi technology to possibly track crewmember locations both inside and outside the International Space Station. The evaluation is being conducted by the scientists and engineers at NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston and is expected to last several months.

NSC’s President, Graham Clark, said, “We are very excited that NASA is evaluating our WiFi Tracker. We believe our company’s mission is to lead the way in wireless location safety and science, and that we are creating some of the best location sensing hardware tools in the market today. NASA’s testing helps confirm this belief. In fact, we think NSC is one of the few public companies today building a product vision that spans both indoor and outdoor location needs.”

Clark continued, “This is a significant milestone for our Wi-Fi tag development. We have a very strong roadmap for this product and in conjunction with our other critical software partners, we believe that there is a tremendous potential for this type of location technology in the commercial and government marketplaces. We see numerous applications for our WiFi Tracker(TM) within Homeland Security, military systems, healthcare, industrial safety, and other high growth markets.”