Nvidia MXM Graphics Upgrade for Notebooks

Nvidia MXM Graphics Upgrade for Notebooks


Nvida today announced the Mobile PCI-Express Module (MXM) a new consistent graphics upgrade interface for PCI Express based notebook PCs.

“The advantages of a consistent graphics module interface for notebook graphics are obvious – manufacturers have been implementing GPUs modules into notebooks for several years now,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, Founder and Principal of JPR (Jon Peddie Research, Tiburon, CA). “But until now there has never been a single, open design interface that can support any graphics manufacturer. This promises to significantly enhance the number of possible PCI-Express-based notebooks brought to market and accelerate the delivery of these new products into consumers’ hands.”

By allowing for a single motherboard design to be leveraged into multiple notebooks, MXM can support a wide range of graphics solutions, from any hardware manufacturer, allowing integrators to build their systems to order. MXM can also be used to upgrade notebook PC graphics. MXM will be the primary delivery vehicle for NVIDIA’s highly anticipated PCI Express mobile GPUS based on the GeForce 6 architecture.

The MXM specification is designed with several key objectives:

-Fast time to market for PCI-Express-based notebooks
-Multiple notebook configurations based on a single motherboard design
-Flexibility and choice between multiple graphics vendors or solutions
-Optional capability for enduser upgradeability

MXM will be the main delivery vehicle for NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce Go mobile GPU for PCI-Express notebook PCs.

“Leading notebook manufacturers have viewed the PCI-Express transition as the perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of an open interface for notebook graphics modules. Customer and industry feedback has been extremely positive” said Rob Csongor, general manager of NVIDIA’s mobile business. “NVIDIA is pleased to be among the industry leaders driving the MXM specification and the PCI-Express transition in the notebook market. We look forward to delivering our new GeForce 6 mobile architecture to the next-wave of PCI-Express notebooks.”