Mobile Phone Receives Digital Broadcasts

Mobile Phone Receives Digital Broadcasts


A mobile phone that receives land-based digital broadcasts should hit the market in Japan around 2005. The phone was also created to share information such as location data history between telephone handsets and servers, and enables the provisioning of location data-linked content.

In emergency situations it will automatically initiate a message to the phone from a general communications center, it will also notify the handset user of emergency warnings or obtain details of disaster information.

Through the use of a video streaming reception function, it is also possible to watch and listen to video that has been taken from a different camera angle to the video shown during the broadcasting of sports programs, for example.

As it stands, the handset will last 2 consecutive hours of broadcasting on a single charge. The digital terrestrial TV broadcasting cellular phone designed by KDDI R&D Laboratories and NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories will be publicly displayed at NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories’ public exhibition to be held from May 27 to May 30 2004.