Delkin USB Bridge Connects Devices

Delkin USB Bridge Connects Devices


A new product from Delkin Devices called the USB Bridge was released the other day. It will connect two USB devices together without a computer allowing you to transfer files between them or a digital camera and an iPod or mini flash drive to backup your image files. The combinations are endless, you can swap MP3s with your friends players or mini pocket thumb-drives, you can even burn directly to a USB CD-R.

On the output side, the data destination USB port is compatible with most USB Mass Storage devices with the FAT 12/16/32 file format, CD-R/RW (ISO9660), external hard disk drives, USB Flash “Thumb Drives”, memory card media readers (including Bus-powered), and USB MP3 Players (including Apple’s iPod). Since the Bridge copies the entire contents of the input device, the output device must have enough free space available to accept all files located on the source device.

Two AA batteries can power the Bridge for around 7 hours of continuous transferring, it will even allow you to burn about 8 CDs.

The USB Bridge is only $70 and is available from Delkin’s website, it will soon be available in all major electronic stores.