Samsung Boosts 3D Mobile Gaming With New DDR x 32

Samsung Boosts 3D Mobile Gaming With New DDR x 32


Samsung Electronics today announced the latest addition to its Mobile DRAM portfolio, a monolithic 256Mbit, 32-bit wide Double Data Rate (DDR) device that offers the bandwidth needed for photo-realistic 3D gaming in handsets. Samples are available today with mass production scheduled in the second half of 2004.

The device is part of Samsung’s growing product family of Mobile Synchronous DRAM solutions that are available as Single Data Rate (SDR) or DDR devices, all of which meet the strict power and form factor requirements demanded by battery-powered handsets. The Mobile DDR x 32 device supports data transfer rates of up to 266Mbits-per-second per pin, for an aggregate bandwidth of 1.064GB per second incorporating Samsung’s proven 0.10um process technology to effectively implement the mobile memory characteristics.

“Samsung is aggressively addressing the challenges presented by the new mobile frontier,” said Ivan Greenberg, Director of Strategic Marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., San Jose, Calif. “3D gaming on handsets is expected to become commonplace by 2006 and Samsung’s new Mobile DDR x 32 solution will enable handset designers and game developers to unleash the full potential of their Mobile 3D pipelines and gaming applications.”

Samsung’s Mobile DRAMs significantly reduce the power consumption of the most popularly used DRAM, enabling OEMs to dramatically extend battery life in handsets such as smart phones, MP3 players and PDAs. At the same time, the use of DRAM based memory solutions allow designers to add new functions to handsets without sacrificing performance or form factor.

On-chip features including Integrated Temperature Compensation Self Refresh Sensors (TCSR), Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR) and Deep Power Down Mode (DPD), offer designers a competitive advantage by enabling systems that more accurately manage power budgets to extend battery life.

Samsung’s Mobile DRAM products include SDR and DDR Mobile DRAMs with densities ranging from 64Mb to 512Mb. The Mobile DRAM portfolio also leverages Samsung’s advanced packaging technology to deliver solutions in Multi-Chip Packages (MCP). MCP solutions allow Mobile DRAMs to be delivered packaged together with a variety of Samsung memory devices including: NAND Flash, OneNAND Flash, SRAM, and UtRAMs or with ASICs in a System-in-Package (SIP) solution.