i2Telecom Provides VoIP Cellular Bridging

i2Telecom Provides VoIP Cellular Bridging


i2Telecom International, Inc. announced today that they have developed a technology which enables cellular bridging to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. i2Telecom could be the first company in the world to offer any cell phone user the ability to make long distance and international calls through their VoIP network, simply by plugging in an inexpensive device. The technology will be available for use next month with the release of i2Telecom’s newest VoIP microgateway product, the InternetTalker MG-3.

“Anyone with a cell phone can now take the power of our VoIP solutions with them, and realize dramatic savings when making business and personal calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world. This truly changes the landscape of the VoIP marketplace.” said Rick Scherle, Senior Vice President of Marketing for i2Telecom.

This technology does sound revolutionary, but by having to add a device to your current mobile setup will be a drag to some users. The savings sound excellent compared to standard mobile provider rates, but when compared to mobile long distance providers, they are only about half at best. For example, with the InternetTalker MG-3 VoIP device your calls to China will only be 5 cents per minute, India 21 cents, Iraq 39 cents, Mexico City 7 cents and UK 3 cents. With current mobile long distance providers (Gorilla Mobile) your rates are as follows; China 8 cents, India 26 cents, Mexico City 14 cents and UK 5 cents. This of course is far better then standard rates from your current provider, they roughly charge you $4.20 per minute to China, $4.25 to India, $4.88 to Iraq, $0.55 to Mexico City and $1.75 to UK.

The InternetTalker MG-3 is designed to SIP standards and works with any cell phone on the market today, regardless of protocol or provider: CDMA, TDMA, GSM, G2, G2.5, G3, etc. It installs in minutes, easily integrating into any existing phone service and Internet connection without service interruption. Depending on the cost of this device it may be worth getting for some.