Dobson Cellular First to Market SmartSkin Phone Identity

Dobson Cellular First to Market SmartSkin Phone Identity


Due to be released this summer, the SmartSkin phone dubbed Identity, will be available from Dobson Cellular on their GSM/GPRS network.

A SmartSkin will serve as the cover of the Identity phone and will package dynamic applications and content on a specialized theme that is automatically transferred to the phone. SmartSkins deliver music, ringtones, video clips, pictures, games, screen styles and online activities.

More than 20 SmartSkins featuring entertainment and fashion themes will be available at the launch later this summer.

“We are excited to launch SmartSkin interactive accessories with Dobson Cellular,” said G. Eric Engstrom, CEO of Wildseed, the software company behind SmartSkins. “Dobson’s focus on the youth market as a cornerstone of their future growth makes them the ideal launch partner.”

The Identity phone, which is designed and manufactured by Korea-based Curitel, features a Keys Up design, where the keys are placed above the screen display making single-handed dialing and messaging easier. The SMS and MMS messaging interface, in conjunction with Traffic Lights, emulates PC-based instant messaging applications.

“Curitel is thrilled to launch Identity and SmartSkins with Dobson,” said Curitel President and CEO Dr. Moon S. Song. “The youth market in the United States is missing a dynamic, teen-specific, fun wireless phone. Identity and SmartSkins will add a whole new level of interaction and personalization that appeal to this market segment.”