Sony Vaio Portable Media Player with XP

Sony Vaio Portable Media Player with XP


According to The Register, Sony in Japan will be launching a miniature 802.11g Wi-Fi, fully functioning PC running Windows XP Pro. The device is targeted towards mobile media consumers and resembles some of the current handheld media players on the market, but packs a lot more power under the hood. In this 550g tablet-style machine measuring 167 x 108 x 26 mm is a 1GHz Ultra-low Voltage Pentium M Centrino chip with integrated Intel i855GM chipset, 512MB RAM and a 20 GB hard drive.

The U70 can be operated using a stylus similar to most PDAs but very much different then any handheld video player, regardless of it’s touch-screen capabilities, it will run Windows XP Pro rather than Tablet PC Edition. A Palm-style foldable USB keyboard and recharging docking station will come with the U50, a slower 900MHz ULV Celeron version with 256MB RAM.

Sony expects the U70 to ship on 29 May for around ¥210,000 ($1871 USD), while the U50 with 256MB RAM and a 900MHz ULV Celeron processor running Windows XP Home Edition will be ¥179,000 ($1595 USD).

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