NEC Launches Seven New Laptop and Desktop PCs Featuring Atheros Super AG...

NEC Launches Seven New Laptop and Desktop PCs Featuring Atheros Super AG Wireless LAN Technology


NEC has announced the release of six new laptops and one new desktop model that will be using the Atheros industry-leading 802.11a/g chipset technology with Super AG performance enhancements. On May 6th in Japan, NEC released this chipset in the LS830/9D, LS700/9D, LS500/9DT, LL970/9D, and LR700/9E laptop models along with the ValueStar TZ Series desktop computer.

With a Super AG router or AP, Atheros’ new chipset will allow up to 54Mbps data rates for users in Japan, with a typical throughput of up to 40Mbps. Outside of Japan, users could be as high as 108Mbps for data rate and a typical throughput of up to 60Mbps. These speeds are due to performance-enhancement features such as packet bursting, fast frames, and data compression.

“Atheros Super AG technology delivers high-throughput wireless networking capabilities and is the industry’s premier solution for speed and range,” said Craig Barratt, president and chief executive officer of Atheros Communications. “We are excited about NEC’s broad adoption of this technology in their newest laptop and desktop models. The Atheros solution provides full compatibility with 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a networks, and greatly improves the user’s wireless networking experience.”

These new laptops and desktop with the Atheros Super AG chipset are currently available through NEC’s website and at retail locations in Japan.