Intel boosts mobile processors

Intel boosts mobile processors


Dell and Toshiba today have announced several new notebook computers using the new Intel Pentium M and Centrino processors. The Dell Latitude D800, Inspiron 8600, and Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation can be configured with the fastest version of the new processor, the Intel Pentium M 755, featuring a 2.0GHz processor, 2MB Level 2 cache and 400MHz front side bus. A broad range of other Dell notebooks, including the Latitude D600, D505 and the Inspiron 600m, can be configured with a variety of the new processors, including the Pentium M 745, Pentium M 735 and the Celeron M 330.

Toshiba’s new business Tecra and Portege notebook PCs and upcoming SMB and consumer Satellite’s will use the Intel Pentium M processors 735, 745 and 755.

The Portege M200 tablet PC will also come equipped with the latest Intel chips that will enhance its existing features and promote improved mobility through Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. Toshiba’s tablet PC is designed to deliver the flexibility and mobility of a notebook PC with the convenience of tablet PC functionality.

Intel is unveiling a new processor-sequencing program that helps guide mobile customers to the technology that is right for their needs. The Pentium M processor (7XX sequence), with larger memory cache and faster bus speeds, focuses on mobility, performance and battery life, while the Celeron M processor (3XX sequence) is targeted toward those who need basic productivity and value