Eleven Popular games from Sorrent on Sony Ericsson Handsets

Eleven Popular games from Sorrent on Sony Ericsson Handsets


Sony Ericsson is offering eleven new games for the T610/T616 and the T630/T637 handsets. In collaboration with Sorrent mobile entertainment, eleven of Sorrents most popular single and multiplayer games will be available; Yao Ming Basketball 2004, FOX Sports Boxing, FOX Sports Football 2004, FOX Sports Hockey 2004, FOX Sports Track & Field 2004, FOX Sports Soccer 2004, FOX Sports Racing, Shark Hunt, 3D Slam Ping Pong, DuraTrax Mobile RC and Wild 8-Ball.

The Sony Ericsson T610/T616 and the T630/T637 offer a bright colour screen, providing sharp images for a great gaming experience. The phones also come with 32-tone polyphonic sound, vibrating force feedback and joystick control and they support both Java and Mophun platforms for rich graphics.

“Mobile devices continue to evolve as game platforms. With our new phone features, such as high quality color screens and the easy-to-use joystick, we’ve seen consumers really seek out new mobile games,” said Gregory Graham, US applications product marketing manager for Sony Ericsson North America. “By collaborating with a great game publisher like Sorrent, Sony Ericsson further demonstrates its commitment to building out its extensive library of games available for the handsets.”