WildPackets Unveils Gigabit, Wireless, Voice Innovations at N+I

WildPackets Unveils Gigabit, Wireless, Voice Innovations at N+I


WildPackets Inc. will present their latest Gigabit, wireless, and voice products May 11-13 at Networld+Interop, booth 2523. WildPackets’ Omni3 distributed analysis platform will be a main theme, with future additions to the platform, like the Omni3 wireless sensor, being shown. EtherPeek VX, a new VoIP analysis tool, will be featured as well. In-booth VoIP and Omni3 educational sessions will be offered several times each day to those interested in gaining practical information concerning the benefits of each product.

Distributed Gigabit
WildPackets has extended its distributed analysis system technology to high-speed, full-duplex Gigabit networks with the recent release of Omni3 v1.5. An advanced fault analysis platform for optimizing network services and maximizing uptime on enterprise networks, Omni3 offers real-time troubleshooting and visibility into every part of the network, from the desktop to the datacenter. With the 1.5 release, the platform now also supports Full Duplex Gigabit analysis via in-line or port mirror with WildPackets high performance Gigabit Analyzer Card. Only WildPackets offers sustained real-time analysis on full duplex Gigabit segments.

802.11 Wireless
The Omni3 distributed architecture will be extended to wireless networks with the introduction of the Omni3 wireless sensor. By sharing the same platform, one Omni3 console can manage both wireless and wired networks. The 24/7/365 appliance is the first comprehensive distributed wireless analysis solution delivering combined 802.11 security, monitoring, and real-time troubleshooting in one small form factor device.

WildPackets will announce EtherPeek VX, a new stand-alone Expert network and VoIP analyzer. Designed for enterprises, service providers, service carriers, and equipment manufacturers, the product fills a void by providing both Ethernet and VoIP diagnostics in one software-only solution and accurate Quality of Service, Video and Voice quality measurements.