Telus to carry RIM BlackBerry 7510 and 7750 communicators

Telus to carry RIM BlackBerry 7510 and 7750 communicators


Telus Mobility today announced availability of the new RIM BlackBerry 7510 and 7750 mobile communicators. The BlackBerry 7510 is the first handheld in Canada equipped with Direct Connect walkie-talkie service while the 7750 (in blue) features a large, high-resolution colour screen with access to Telus’ 1X wireless data network coverage.

“It’s exciting to introduce two unique new BlackBerry handhelds to Canada, and particularly so because they take full advantage of the North American voice and data capabilities of TELUS Mobility’s unique digital networks,” said Robert Blumenthal, TELUS Mobility’s Vice President of Products and Services. “TELUS Mobility is well positioned to offer the most comprehensive wireless data line-up to Canadian business users, including the only BlackBerry handheld with the instant-contact power of Mike’s Direct Connect.”

With these two new BlackBerry handhelds, TELUS Mobility business clients can depend on reliable and secure access to both their e-mail and other data and TELUS Mobility’s digital phone service at any time across North America.

“The BlackBerry 7510 and BlackBerry 7750 demonstrate RIM’s continued leadership in delivering wireless solutions that offer integrated data and voice applications, excellent battery performance and push-based connectivity,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “The combination of TELUS Mobility’s advanced digital networks with BlackBerry provides mobile professionals with an extremely compelling productivity tool.”

BlackBerry 7510
The BlackBerry 7510 combines support for Mike’s Direct Connect with speakerphone, e-mail, phone, personal organizer and Web browser functions to equip business users with an exceptionally powerful, all-in-one communications device.

Thanks to the instant-contact power of Direct Connect functionality- with its connection speeds of less than a second – Mike has become the wireless communications network of choice for business across Canada, ranging from small business users to national enterprise and government clients. Mike clients can use the Direct Connect service to stay in instant touch with any other Mike user right across North America.

BlackBerry 7750
The Java-based BlackBerry 7750 offers clients PCS phone, e-mail, text messaging, Web browser and organizer applications in a single wireless handheld. The large, high-resolution screen and vibrant display – supporting over 65,000 colours – with integrated attachment viewing capability and exceptional battery performance gives mobile professionals a powerful user experience. Operating on TELUS Mobility’s national 1X data network, the BlackBerry 7750 offers business clients the ability to access their e-mail and other data and make phone calls across North America.

“These new BlackBerry handhelds offer truly unique functionality, with very competitive device and rate plan pricing, and unsurpassed underlying network quality and coverage,” said Blumenthal. “These are the powerful productivity devices business users have been waiting for – we expect them to contribute significantly to the rapid growth of the wireless data market across Canada.”