WiMAX: The Secret Ingredient for Successful Broadband Deployment

WiMAX: The Secret Ingredient for Successful Broadband Deployment


ABI Research has some potentially good news for WISPs of all sizes around the world. The newly developed WiMAX standard will greatly reduce the financial strains of deploying and expanding a network. For smaller WISPs, the lower equipment costs reduce the breakeven subscriber point for a new tower. Where as the larger businesses will benefit from the cost efficiencies brought on by this new standard and will allow them to cover more ground at a lower overall cost.

Many companies appear to heading in this direction even though no one is talking about it. Craig McCaw, of Clearwire and Microcell, has long been known for keeping his plans under wraps and isn’t saying a thing.

“McCaw’s moves historically have not been small, but are typically grand plans,” observes Edward Rerisi of ABI Research. “With WiMAX equipment on the horizon, now is the time to assemble a portfolio of spectrum, the scarcest resource in this industry.”

It seems everyone from gigantic companies to the little ma and pop shops around the corner are looking towards this trend of WISP and it seems that WiMAX is their answer. Over 400 WISPs worldwide say they intend to roll this out as soon as possible.