Sharp Galileo is the first PVR to deliver over WiFi

Sharp Galileo is the first PVR to deliver over WiFi


Instant802 Networks announced its partnership with Sharp Electronics to bring wireless technology to video distribution. The Sharp Galileo Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is one of the first consumer electronics devices that leverages popular 802.11-based wireless networking for video distribution. Instant802’s software suite provides Sharp with the most complete, standards-based and high performance wireless solution in the market today. The Sharp Galileo PVR is commercially available today in Japan.

“The home market, and consumer electronics specifically, are extremely well suited to 802.11 wireless technology”, said Greg Nuyens, CEO of Instant802 Networks. “This market has been searching for simple, low-cost networking solutions for some time. Instant802 provides that to our customers, as well as providing hardware independence and a rich suite of feature choices. Sharp was able to leverage this, bringing a state-of-the-art product to market, with all of the latest features and wireless standards certifications, in a matter of 3 months”

Instant802 has developed its wireless software platform for a wide range of data networking and consumer electronics devices, with the Sharp Galileo PVR being an excellent example of how wireless technologies can be adapted to solve common “connectivity” problems in the home market. In addition to wireless solutions for consumer electronics, Instant802 provides several data networking solutions, including a complete residential gateway solution with the latest security features, including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), as well as a wireless access point that supports multiple independent networks and provides complete network security while allowing limited “guest access” requiring no configuration.

The basis for all of Instant802’s products is the Instant802(TM) Orchestrator WLAN Solutions Platform, a modular, hardware-independent deployment architecture that facilitates the development of solutions packages and customization to meet the unique needs of each customer.