iRiver Prism Eye MP3 Player takes photos

iRiver Prism Eye MP3 Player takes photos


iRiver has released information on their future digital camera mp3 combination device, the Prism Eye. The iFP-1090 256MB comes in black while the iFP-1095 512MB is champagne coloured, both units sport the exact same features aside from their colour and storage capacities. The Prism Eye devices will use a 0.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor to capture photos at 640×480 resolution, it is also capable of 3x digital zoom.

Options for adjusting the captured photo include brightness and contrast as well as indoor, outdoor, automatic, monotone, sepia and negative modes.

The audio playback supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and ASF files. It will also play Ogg Vorbis files at a rate of 96kbps~225kbps, all others can be played from 8kbps~320kbps.

Sadly and strangely enough the Prism Eye gadgets only connect via USB 1.1, and have no room for expansion memory. The form factor is extremely small, only 91.1 x 34 x 31.3 mm.

Both the iFP-1090 and iFP-1090 should be released in the summer of 2004 with a retail price tag of around $280 USD.

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