UNH-IOL Selected By Wi-Fi Alliance To Provide Pre-Certification for Wireless Devices

UNH-IOL Selected By Wi-Fi Alliance To Provide Pre-Certification for Wireless Devices


The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) has become the first independent, non-profit organization in the world to provide an authorized pre-certification program to Wi-Fi Alliance member companies. This program is designed to help Wi-Fi Alliance member companies prepare their products for official certification.

Vendors of leading-edge wireless devices, such as mobile phones, wireless laptop cards and other portable networking devices with Internet access, receive interoperability certification (“Wi-Fi CERTIFIED”) from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The UNH-IOL will offer pre-certification testing to Wi-Fi Alliance members at the UNH-IOL. Participants will receive detailed engineering reports designed to help them prepare for the official certification testing by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

“With the significant explosion of wireless products both on the market and in development, there’s an acute need for engineering feedback to discover and fix problems earlier in the development cycle,” said Gerard Goubert, Wireless Consortium manager. “For the last five years, the UNH-IOL has maintained a comprehensive set of legacy, in-production and beta products as well as off-the-shelf and custom developed tools and procedures specific for testing the newest wave of wireless products.”

Now the WFA is recognizing the UNH-IOL’s efforts in these areas and has authorized the laboratory to extend pre-certification testing to WFA member companies. The initiative is expected to reduce the overall cost involved in getting products standards compliant and Wi-Fi certified.

The UNH-IOL maintains an advanced wireless laboratory within 34,000 square feet of testing space. It offers members a comprehensive set of testing tools including industry-standard hardware and software, unreleased products from key industry vendors, and custom-developed testing tools unavailable anywhere else. UNH-IOL-developed testing tools include physical and media access control (MAC) conformance testing as well as interoperability testing for IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.1g standards. In development is testing for IEEE 802.1X, 802.11i, and 802.11e conformance and interoperability, with many tests already available. The UNH-IOL has made significant contributions to IEEE 802.11 standards development and helped define methodologies used widely throughout the industry.

The WFA pre-certification program is only open to Wi-Fi Alliance member companies for fee-based testing. If a particular company is also a UNH-IOL member in good standing, all pre-certification fees will be waived, and the company may also run UNH-IOL developed tests (in addition to the WFA tests) at no extra charge.

Both UNH-IOL and WFA testing are available immediately. Companies interested in joining the UNH-IOL Wireless Consortium should contact Gerard Goubert or visit the UNH-IOL Web site for more information.