Viper Networks Prepares for Wi-Fi VoIP Phone Launch

Viper Networks Prepares for Wi-Fi VoIP Phone Launch


Viper Networks announced today that the company has made improvements to its global VoIP network capacity and billing system, and will release its Wi-Fi VoIP phones for retail sales throughout America accompanied by aggressive sales an advertising campaign.

Viper Networks Chief Executive Officer, Ron Weaver, commented, “Viper Networks has completely reconstituted the back end and billing systems to sustain what is expected to be a ten fold growth in activity over the next three months to four months from our new products. The Wi-Fi telephone, coupled with our existing and other soon to-be-released products, equates to continued growth and expansion of our customer base and network. In just few short weeks a Viper Networks customer will be able to access our system from any wireless hotspot and make local and long distance calls from a small handset not much bigger that a cell phone.”

Weaver concluded, “The global wireless market is reported by most every online database service to be in excess of a billion dollars in the next three years. In keeping with the Viper Networks benchmark for our business units, our objective with the Wi-Fi phone is to capture a percentage of this lucrative market over the next five years.”