Trace A Mobile GPS tracking service

Trace A Mobile GPS tracking service

SHARE teamed up with the BBC for the 2004 London Marathon. They equipped 10 celebrity runners with a mobile phone connected to Trace A Mobile’s mobile phone tracking service.

They were pleased to provide the on-screen mobile phone tracking service which showed the position of the 10 runners throughout the whole race. Each runner carried a phone during the race with the account accessed by the BBC race team and the Police Departments to help control security concerns during the race and keep their locations tracked live.

“This is one of many new mobile phone tracking projects we are involved with,” said Managing Director Jonathan Cook, “I’m pleased to say since launching the new mobile tracking service in October and November 2003 we’re going from strength to strength and are now one of the UK’s leading mobile phone tracking service providers. Locate Mobiles targets business users and our sister website Trace A is geared towards mobile phone tracking for families. Part of our success is unlike some mobile tracking services we offer a clear pricing structure which is either a monthly or annual subscription. A monthly account costs £5 ($8.83USD) and an annual £50 ($88.32USD) and covers 5 to 10 phones respectively.”

The company recently completed a survey of 2,160 parents that reveled an overwhelming majority of safety-conscious parents who are buying children, as young as four, cellular phones. Fears of child abduction and teenage runaways have left these parents desperate to keep tabs on their children. Almost 2/3 of the parents surveyed said they would register their children’s phone with and online mobile tracking service if it meant they could locate their children at anytime.