Sony expands Qualia line

Sony expands Qualia line


Sony added two new items to its QUALIA line of products. For those of you who don’t know what QUALIA is, let me enlighten you.

QUALIA is Sony’s line of products that boast superior quality and design over all other products in their field. These two new products are right up your alley if you are willing to pay $1700 for an MD player and $2400 for a set of headphones.

The QUALIA 017 MD Player will be shipping available for order on April 24th and the price will be 189,000 yen ($1721.98). The Q017-MD is a high-class MD player that gives a “delightful carrying” feeling. These QUALIA products are produced by hands-on human laborers at a rate of only 15 per month. They will be available at the QUALIA stores in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

The MD player also comes with one remote control, headphones (not the $2400 ones), an AC adapter, recharging stand, a headphone adapter, a neck chain for the remote, an exclusive case, and a cleaning cloth. Customers may also pay from 73,500 yen ($669.66) to 31,500 yen ($287.00) to customize their MD player with gold or silver plating, name engraving, or customer design engraving on the case.

The player is made partially out of brass, and features highly precise Platinum-plated construction on which the crevices, patched eyes, and screw holes are hidden. The dimensions of the player are 91.4 x 79 x 15.33mm and it weighs 244g (with batteries).

The second product announced is the QUALIA 010 stereo headphones. These will become available on July 1st and are also handmade.

The Q010-MDR1 uses the newly developed “nano-composite” oscillation board with a diameter 50mm range unit, a frequency response of 5Hz to 120kHz. This allows for playback of a wide range of sources including the SACD and DVD-Audio.

On the buffle section, a porous cellulose structure that optimizes airflow is used, and it also eliminates unnecessary resonance. Also, a “6N-OFC” high-purity cord that remains 99.9999% oxygen-free is used. The cord has a 4-wick structure, which includes a wooden grounding line that separates the left and right channels from the input plug, and allows for minimalization of tone quality deterioration that occurs as a result of common impedance. Finally, o­n the connector side of the headphones themselves, a LEMO-made plug is used, which allows for the retention of a stable touch-resistant electrical flow even when used for a long period of time.

These are available in sizes small, medium and large and will have cable lengths of 5, 3.5, and 2m. The colors will be blue and black. They will also be available in the Tokyo and Osaka stores along with the MD player. I you happen to be in Tokyo or Osaka and have an extra $4100 to spare, stop in and get a new Q01-MD and Q010-MDR1.