Picsel powered Motorola A768 handset shipped

Picsel powered Motorola A768 handset shipped


Motorola and Picsel Technologies today have revolutionized web browsing on your mobile handset. The Picsel powered smart phones from Motorola will deliver full web and multi-document browsing with an advanced user interface.

Already available in China, the Motorola flagship A768 device featuring Picsel Browser is the world’s first handset to deliver the Full Web and Multi-Document browsing on a Linux based Smart Phone. Other forthcoming handsets to feature Picsel’s innovative solutions in 2004 will include the Motorola A1000 3G convergence phone, and Motorola’s flagship MPX Smart Phone based upon Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS.

“Motorola believes that having Picsel software as an integral component of our Smart Phone product range will allow consumers to enjoy a richer experience as display sizes increase and technology is made available to allow consumers to use mobile devices to interact with the internet or with different types of data on their mobile devices, ” said Mike Sudol, Vice President and General Manager for Motorola’s GSM Products in APAC. “This alliance reflects the belief we have that Picsel’s technology will successfully complement our strategy to provide compelling experiences which encourage consumers to purchase our new generation of content rich phones.”

Picsel Browser, based upon Picsel’s ePAGE Multi-Media Content Engine, will enable Motorola Smart Phones to browse the Internet with Flash, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), and Adobe PDF – all without the need for content re-engineering or device syncing. Other variations of the Browser will include support for Video and the ability to mix and match a variety of content types.

Picsel also introduces a variety of ‘One Handed’ User Interface features, which are set to deliver unprecedented freedom of content access to the mobile user. A first for Mobile, Picsel Mobile Display intelligently reconstitutes any type of content to fit the width of the device screen, while maintaining the integrity and rich quality of the original content page. A feature which is employable across all content formats, for example HTML for Browsing, MS Word, Adobe PDF, Picsel’s Mobile Display empowers rich content delivery through simple navigation.

Another first for Mobile, Picsel Link Navigator enables users to swiftly travel through the content page, using intelligent sequential stepping of page hyperlinks. Allowing the user to quickly identify key areas of interest, Picsel’s Link Navigator is adaptable to multiple device form factors and content formats.