China to drop WAPI

China to drop WAPI


The Chinese and US Government have reached an agreement recently regarding WAPI and WiFi technologies in China.

WAPI is not compatible with current WiFi security standards and enforcing this would greatly limit the number of manufacturers that could sell products in the Asian country, setting the stage for a high profile technology battle and further tensions between the two countries.

After tense meetings between U.S. trade officials and China’s Vice Premier Wu Yi in Washington, D.C., China moved up its deadline for WAPI implementation from 1 December 2003 to 1 June 2004. After intense lobby pressure from the U.S. government on behalf of WLAN chipmakers, most notably Intel, Wu Yi stated that he had dropped this requirement.

China has also agreed to adopt new copyright policies aimed at curtailing rampant piracy of music, movies and other works, according to the RIAA. As part of this agreement, China will launch a campaign aimed at reducing piracy on CDs and other physical media by bringing into line China’s laws with International copyright treaties and pursue heavier criminal charges for breaking these laws.