Trust 580Z [email protected] Binoculars

Trust 580Z [email protected] Binoculars


Trust has released the 580Z Binocular [email protected] with 1.3 megapixel capturing resolution. The 8×22 binoculars feature a 22mm objective lens with a 2.75 mm exit pupil which gives you a 7° field of view (37.1 metres at a distance of 914.4 metres). These would be the perfect device for photographing a sporting event, concert or other type of far off situation. They are available directly from Trust for 99.95€.

Some major events do not allow cameras inside, the 580Z is disguised very well to be a simple set of binoculars. These bring objects up to 8x closer and the integrated digital camera can then be used to take photographs up to a further 7x closer by using the fixed focus making the photographs, also of moving objects, even sharper.

Very clear photographs can be taken of these objects using the integrated digital camera, which has a very sensitive 1/3″ optical CMOS sensor with a 1.3 Megapixel resolution. The binoculars have a clear LCD screen which can be used to display the menu functions and the status of, for example, the digital camera and the batteries. This device can also be used as a webcam, which displays up to 15 frames per seconds, and as a video camera for making short video clips of up to 9 frames per second.

The Trust 580Z Binocular [email protected] has a 12 MB internal memory which can be used to save a maximum of 135 photographs. Optimal use is made of this memory thanks to the JPEG memory compression. The memory size can be increased to 256 MB using an optional SD or MMC memory card. The photographs which have been taken are accessible via Windows and Macintosh as a removable disk and the USB connection ensures a simple installation process and the very fast transfer of data. The batteries have an optimal life span since no power is required from the batteries when the binoculars are connected to a computer. The [email protected] also has an On/Off option and turns off automatically when it is not in use.

The Trust 580Z Binocular [email protected] comes supplied with a strong, protective bag, a wrist strap, a neck strap, a cleaning cloth, a rubber lens cover to protect the lens, a stand, two AAA batteries, a USB cable, a CD-ROM containing drivers and software, a Quick Installation Guide and a multi-language instruction manual.