Sanyo A5505SA 3G handset features Spatializer ((environ)) Technology


    Rolling out its penetration of the global cellular telephone market, Spatializer Audio Laboratories Inc. announced today that its Spatializer ((environ)) technology is a key feature in Sanyo’s new A5505SA handset for KDDI’s au 3G service in Japan. With this design win, Spatializer technology is now available in cellular telephones for two of Japan’s three leading 3G (third generation) systems. The A5505SA is expected to begin shipping in commercial quantities in early May.

    Spatializer ((environ)) creates an enveloping sound stage from ring tones or Internet music for low-power, mobile applications. When applied to polyphonic ring tones, Spatializer ((environ)) creates a startling and expressive sound field when two speakers are utilized in cellular handsets. To accommodate the efficient form factor of today’s cellular handset or other mobile devices, Spatializer ((environ)) is designed to deliver maximum performance when micro-speakers are mounted closely together, helps compensate for the more limited dynamic range of micro-speakers as well as limitations posed by audio compression technologies. As such, Spatializer ((environ)) technology helps solve three of the leading challenges facing ultra-compact, speaker-based mobile audio devices.

    The A5505SA handset from SANYO delivers a thin form factor and a robust feature set. Unique in its design are two micro-speakers to deliver stereo music playback, startling ring tones and immersive gaming action. Other features include GPS, digital compass, radio, PictBridge-compatible megapixel camera, voice recorder, miniSD card, a 2.4″ main display and 1.5″ sub-display, both 65,536-colour TFTs.

    “Cellular telephone handsets are now viewed as a delivery vehicle for high quality entertainment content … music, video and games, in addition to providing wireless communication,” stated Spatializer Chairman and CEO Henry R. Mandell. “Wireless industry executives are now viewing high quality entertainment audio as a measurement of high quality content. Industry experts believe that high quality content is what will drive 3G penetration and the revenue from high quality content is going to support the expansion of such systems. KDDI and Sanyo are at the forefront of meeting this challenge. With Spatializer ((environ)) and Spatializer UltraMobile HD, system operators and handset manufacturers can successfully drive the convergence of entertainment and communications by bridging the performance gap between mobility and high quality audio entertainment,” Mandell concluded.