Microsoft releases developer tools for Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Microsoft releases developer tools for Windows Mobile 2003 SE


Microsoft has introduced Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition with a slightly newer version of the core OS (Windows CE 4.21 compared to Windows CE 4.20). This is contrary to preliminary speculations which thought that it would be titled Windows Mobile 2004, Microsoft however thought Windows Mobile 2003 to be more appropriate.

This new version brings with it some improvements in the application layers (that sit on top of the core OS: Pocket PC and MS Smartphone). One major improvement is a native support for higher screen resolutions.

If you are a developer and you want to start developing (or adapting) your software for this latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, and then you can download the needed resources following these steps. First, Read the best practices in the whitepapers in the Windows Mobile 2004 Second Edition Developer Resources package. Then, test your applications using the Mobile 2003 emulators for Pocket PC and Smartphone. Finally, make your applications screen orientation and resolution independent, so you can target the full range of hardware innovations on the Windows Mobile platform with a single code base.