3 offers the Nokia 7600 3G handset in the UK

3 offers the Nokia 7600 3G handset in the UK


3, the UK’s first video mobile network, today announced that the Nokia 7600 will be available in its retail outlets across the United Kingdom.

With its compact, futuristic design, the Nokia 7600 is one of the lightest and smallest GSM/WCDMA phones in the world. As Nokia’s first 3G device for 3’s commercial 3G network it sets new standards both inside and out. Combining 3G capability with the latest mobile imaging features in a funky, unconventional exterior – the Nokia 7600 is the shape of things to come.

The Nokia 7600 enables users to capture pictures and videos, send and receive multimedia messages and mobile email and listen to music. Movie and music videos can be viewed on the Nokia 7600’s high quality 65,536 colour screen.
Gareth Jones, COO 3 UK said: “As the first operator to offer video mobile and the network with the leading video mobile coverage, we’re experiencing high demand for our services. In order to meet the consumer demand and interest already being demonstrated in video mobile services – we’re pleased to be offering customers Nokia’s 3G handset through over 3,200 shops across the UK.”

Mats Wolontis, Managing Director Nokia Mobile Phones UK commented: “3G is here now and through high quality products like the Nokia 7600 our company is demonstrating its commitment to 3G. The Nokia 7600 and the future Nokia 3G products, offer customers high quality video mobile content and services. 3 has demonstrated the demand for 3G services and is one of our leading infrastructure customers. Nokia is committed to delivering the best-of-breed 3G consumer experience. In addition to streaming video and content download, Nokia sees person-to-person video as a key 3G application that will be featured in Nokia’s 3G offering in the future.”