NHJ 1.5-inch Wearable Wristwatch TV

NHJ 1.5-inch Wearable Wristwatch TV


A new wristwatch TV with a 1.5-inch TFT LCD screen will be released in Japan by NHJ Corporation. The VTV-101 is a miniature TV with an internal PLL Synthesizer Tuner for VHF and UHF reception. The 280 x 220 pixel screen measures around 22.2 x 29.5 mm and will display remaining battery, channel number and volume level.

The audio output is mono and is used with a single ear-bud headphone. The internal rechargeable battery is only capable of viewing 1 hour of TV, but the unit ships with an external battery pack that will house four AAA batteries for around 3 hours of watch time. The watch will sell for about $185 USD or 19,800 yen this May.

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