Rare Mono Shop MP3 Watch

Rare Mono Shop MP3 Watch


The Rare Mono Shop, a web-based company in Japan, has just released a new 128MB MP3 watch that has some exciting new features.

This watch, weighing about 1/10 of a pound, will come equipped with 128MB which will allow for approximately 5 hours of continual play back. With the Voice Memo option, a person may record themselves for up to 9 hours.

This is the second revision of this product; it now comes with a steel case and what appears to be a line-in port for flawless audio recording from an external device, such as a radio. Also users no can choose from seven colors, a great increase form the original blue-only watch.

Another great feature of this watch is the option to download and display lyrics to your favorite songs while they are playing. There is not a lot of information on how this will work, my guess is connecting the watch to your computer through the USB adapter and downloading the lyrics that way. The Ni-MH battery charges in only 3 hours, after the initial charge of 6 hours. There are two ways to charge, you can use the provided A/C adapter to plug directly into an outlet, or you can us the USB port to charge the watch while it is connected to a computer.

MP3, WAV, WMA, and ADPCM formats are supported for playback. The watch can also be used for data storage. System requirements are any PC compatible computer (Windows 98 and up), 64MB of ram, 20MB of hard drive space, and a 4X CD-ROM.

The cost is 17,640 yen ($154.76 USD), including tax, and is available on Rare Mono Shop’s website.