New Flash Memory Family from Spansion

New Flash Memory Family from Spansion


Spansion, the worlds leading producer of NOR Flash memory solutions, today announced that they are now producing their own line of Flash memory products. This family of memory brings new benefits to customers worldwide by combining the results of the successful integration of the memory operations of AMD and Fujitsu.

Spansion’s S29AL/GLxxxM device family, based on 230 nanometer MirrorBit technology, marks the first time since the company’s conception in July 2003 that a complete line of products has been developed, manufactured, and produced entirely by Spansion using single manufacturing flow through the entire production cycle. This new family is optimized for embedded markets such as consumer electronics, including DVD players/recorders and set top boxes, as well as industrial markets such as networking, industrial markets such as networking, industrial automation and automotive electronics.

“In the nine months since Spansion’s inception, we have moved swiftly to unite the management, engineering and manufacturing operations of AMD’s and Fujitsu’s memory businesses into a single, cohesive company,” said Sylvia Summers, group vice president and general manager of Spansion’s Embedded Business Unit. “I am proud to say that the arrival of our S29AL/GLxxxM device family represents not only a significant integration milestone for the company, but also a positive step forward for our customers as it allows them to accelerate their migration from floating gate to MirrorBit technology.”

Because its efficient cell layout eliminates expensive overhead circuitry within the memory array and reduces the number of steps needed during fabrication, 230 nanometer MirrorBit technologies deliver a cost-structure comparable to 180 nanometer multi-level cell (MLC) and 130 nanometer single bit-per-cell floating gate technologies. The higher density members of this product family will migrate to second-generation 110 nanometer MirrorBit technology to provide customers with a compelling migration path. Production on these 110 nanometer MirrorBit technology based products is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

This new family of devices is designed to be package, pinout, and software compatible with the existing Am29LVxxxM and MBM29PLxxxM product families. The new device family offers effective word programming times reduced by as much as 35%, sector erase times reduced by as much as 75%, and Lead Free Packing. These memory devices are available in all densities for immediate sampling. They are exclusively available from AMD and Fujitsu.