U.S. Robotics launches 802.11g USB Adapter

U.S. Robotics launches 802.11g USB Adapter


U.S. Robotics announced a new 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 device. This device will be both USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant and will use accelerated 802.11g technology for up to 25% better performance.

U.S. Robotics plan is to make it easier for businesses and home users to connect to wireless networks by releasing this product. It will have a built in WPA and 802.1x authentication support, along with no power needed, as it gets power from the USB port itself. The included Profile Manager software provides users with the ability to automatically connect to common networks and also, with the built in 2dBi single dipole antenna they will get superior range and coverage.

According to Jim Thomsen, senior product manager for U.S. Robotics, “Nearly all desktop and laptop computers today come standard with USB ports. U.S. Robotics new wireless USB adapter is ideal, because it provides customers with the flexibility to use those ports for high-speed wireless connectivity.” Thomsen added, “The device allows for an instant wireless network connection to any 802.11g Access Point for sharing Internet access, files and peripherals such as printers with other computers on the network and the USB connection provides versatile obsolescence protection in situations where customers change computing platforms.”

The prices for these devices are estimated to be $79 for the Wireless USB Adapter (Model 5420) in the United States and will also be available in the UK for an undetermined price.