Intel releases faster, low voltage processors

Intel releases faster, low voltage processors


Four new low voltage mobile Intel processors were released today. The Pentium M Low Voltage 1.30 GHz and Ultra Low Voltage 1.10 GHz, with the Celeron M 1.40 GHz and Ultra Low Voltage Celeron M 900MHz processor. These are all designed using Intel’s 0.13-micron manufacturing technology and will enhance capabilities of notebooks and extend battery life.

The Intel Pentium M processor line-up features a 400 MHz system bus and is compatible with the Intel 855 chipset family. They also feature a dedicated stack manager for faster execution of instructions using less power. The Celeron M processors can be used on Intel 855 and Intel 852GM chipsets for cost effective scalable platforms from system manufacturers.

Intel says the new chips are a breakthrough in mobile performance and will extended battery life, integrated wireless LAN capability and allow for thinner, lighter notebook designs.