Conexant launches first integrated 802.11G USB 2.0 Interface

Conexant launches first integrated 802.11G USB 2.0 Interface


Conexant Systems announced today that they are releasing a newly designed PRISM GTT (802.11g) and PRISM WorldRadio (802.11a/g) chipset with the world’s first fully integrated USB 2.0 interface. This combination of high speed wireless data (802.11g) and the quickness of USB 2.0 will maximize wireless computer use worldwide.

“Since the introduction of the industry’s first Wi-Fi and WHQL certified 802.11g USB 2.0 product, PRISM solutions have gone into production with virtually every major wireless LAN retail OEM, leading service provider and PC OEM,” said Larry Ciaccia, vice president and general manager for Conexant’s Wireless Data and Networking Components Products. “We have taken our leadership position and extended it even further to offer increased integration and functionality, which can significantly lower our customer’s bill of material cost. At the same time, the launch of both an integrated single-band 802.11g and a full dual-band 802.11a/g with a USB 2.0 interface allows us to further expand our market reach.”

Amongst these manufacturers are 3Com, Buffalo Technology, D-Link, IOGEAR, Linksys, NETGEAR and SMC. They have already made plans to design wireless devices with the integrated USB 2.0 interface. By integrating the baseband processor, medium access controller and USB 2.0 interface into a single chip, Conexant has significantly lowered bill of material costs and enabled its customers to design new products that are fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11 standards and the USB 2.0 standard. These innovative PRISM USB 2.0 solutions also feature PRISM Nitro XMT (Xtreme Multimedia) software enhancements for industry-leading 140 Mbps performance.

“We are providing our customers with an exciting package of software features and the option of several different interfaces, CardBus 32, mini-PCI, 16-bit parallel, serial and a variety of USB 2.0 form-factors, to assist them in creating innovative new wireless LAN designs for retail applications, PCs and handheld devices, and integrated systems with broadband modems,” commented Ciaccia. “This integration has allowed our customers to design incredibly small form factor devices like the USB stick – which is roughly the size of your thumb – that are now beginning to appear on retail shelves.”

Soon Users will be able to plug this device, approximately the size of a thumb, right into a USB ready PC and be able to share files, printers, or high-speed internet. Making wireless networks increasingly easier to design, implement, and maintain for the home users and businesses alike.