Reciva allows internet radio without a PC

Reciva allows internet radio without a PC


Many thousands of radio stations worldwide broadcast on the Internet. Unlike traditional DAB and AM/FM radio stations the programmes are instantly accessible regardless of location, providing consumers with an unparalleled variety of digital listening material.

The Reciva wireless Internet Radio has everything required to connect to and play radio broadcasts from the Internet, without the use of a Personal Computer.

“Our first radio product is demonstrable now and allows listeners to choose radio stations from around the world. In the past, there has been much hype about Internet radio. We are delivering a product for the home, using leading edge technology and simplicity, which makes the dream of many, a reality.” explains Trevor Goldberg, Sales & Marketing director for Reciva.

By eliminating the need for a PC, we bring listening enjoyment to where it belongs; the kitchen and living room, rather than the home office and it’s incredibly easy to use. Furthermore, the use of Wi-Fi technology exposes the depth of broadband residential products that we can expect in the very near future, which are not PC centric.

There is a long history of radio and more recently Internet technology in Cambridge so we are confident this innovation will continue the tradition of consumer electronics in Cambridge. In addition to manufacturing product, the intention is to licence the technology to third parties and also to provide an OEM based offering for those wishing to embed the product.

In addition to consumer demand from, for example, British overseas expatriates, there are three main business drivers for Internet Radio broadcasters. The first is a result of the shortage of FM channels, which has led to broadcasters using alternative mediums, the second is the ability to reach a worldwide audience, and the third is that this lowers the cost of entry for new radio stations.

The result is that there is both broadcaster and listener demand for Internet Radio. Reciva are seeking to capitalise on this market opportunity.

Reciva’s UK team has unrivalled expertise and experience in electronic product development, low power designs, embedded operating systems and user interface design, all of which are crucial to the success of the internet radio.