NAND Flash memory up to 1-Gbit

NAND Flash memory up to 1-Gbit


STMicroelectronics has announced the volume production of its 1-Gbit and 512-Mbit NAND Flash memory products, which are the first available devices in the company’s portfolio of NAND products. The NAND1G and NAND512 are available in both 1.8V and 3V versions.

Demand for NAND Flash memory is driven by emerging Multimedia Systems products, and the major application areas are expected to grow significantly in 2004. NAND Flash memories meet the needs of high volume, physically small products requiring large amounts of data-storage memory, such as removable mass-storage devices for digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs and 3G cell phones.

ST’s NAND1G and NAND512 provide very high data throughput – the key feature for mass-storage applications – coupled with the high density, fast write time and low power consumption demanded by portable equipment. They are available in two versions for operation on 3.0V (NAND01GW3A, NAND512W3A) and 1.8V (NAND01GR3A, NAND512R3A) power supplies to suit the two major market areas.