GN Netcom to release first Bluetooth v1.2 headset

GN Netcom to release first Bluetooth v1.2 headset


CSR today announced its BlueCore silicon is enabling GN Netcom to achieve qualification of the industry’s first Bluetooth v1.2 headset. The headset will be available on the market when mobile phones and other audio gateways support the new version of the standard. In addition, all of GN Netcom’s future products, including JABRA Bluetooth communications products, will be approved to this version of the standard.

GN Netcom is the first company to qualify a headset under Bluetooth version 1.2 specification. The main feature of this offering is that the headset implements v1.2 compliant Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology. The AFH feature, first implemented by CSR, minimizes interference between Bluetooth and WiFi radios when operating in the same environment, making it ideal for use in a busy RF environment such as in WLAN (wireless local area networks) offices and hotspots.

Also included within the v1.2 specification is Fast Connect, which significantly improves the usability of Bluetooth devices for the user by reducing connection times by an order of magnitude. This allows the headset to establish a wireless connection to a mobile device with a minimum delay. Bluetooth v1.2 products are also backwards compatible with existing v1.1 Bluetooth products.

Leo Larsen, Chief Technology Officer, GN Netcom, said, “GN Netcom is committed to providing its customers with quality products that perform at the highest standards. Having worked with CSR in the past, we were confident in their ability to provide in-depth knowledge of technological developments in the Bluetooth arena and enable GN Netcom to qualify the first Bluetooth headset under the new v1.2 specification.”

Eric Janson, Worldwide Vice President, Marketing, for CSR, added, “CSR has been in close collaboration with the SIG (Special Interest Group) to develop the technology that makes up Bluetooth v1.2. We are therefore delighted to see BlueCore silicon in the industry’s first v1.2 qualified headset product from GN Netcom.”