Samsung announces Dual Voltage MultiMediaCards

Samsung announces Dual Voltage MultiMediaCards


Samsung Electronics has announced several Dual Voltage MultiMediaCards that will support 70% less power consumption. The new cards feature extended battery usage by only drawing 20mA of power compared to 80mA of conventional cards.

Handset manufacturers are now designing MMC and RS-MMC into their next generation handsets. Samsung’s new DV-MMC line up consists of nine variations in density and size: 512-,256-,128-,64-,32MB DV-MMCs and 256-,128-,64-,32MB Dual Voltage-Reduced Size-MMCs (DV-RS-MMC).

The key to 2.5G and 3G mobile handsets is memory cards that can store and transmit high-density video images and pictures. The 128MB and higher density MMCs can store and read data at 1.9MB/sec, providing real-time sequential video recording of VGA quality images. The 512MB card can store 500 picture images in three-megapixel resolution, 30 minutes of VGA resolution video images, or eight hours of MP3 quality music files.

RS-MMC provides additional memory expansion for space constraint mobile applications such as mobile handsets and MP3 players. For use in PDAs and digital still cameras, the ultra small RS-MMC, only half the size of a standard MMC, can easily be adapted to conventional MMC slots by using an extender.