The Future is Resonantware

The Future is Resonantware


NEC has developed Resonantware, a number of ubiquitous networking devices visualized by their designers. The possibilities explored in these images create a world where humans and machines resonate with one another. The purpose is to provide interfaces to unlimited information in a natural method.

The soft-shell mobile phone is flexible and can wrap around the users arm. Similar to snap bracelets, the devices material will memorize the shape you set it to and multiple pressure sensors will allow the phone to change according to the mode.

A virtual storage bottle contains a massive amount of images, so many that one can not see them all in a lifetime. The images emerge on an inorganic electroluminescent display depending on the user’s emotions or anniversaries. The images are projected outward through the bottle.

The ubiquitous media chip is an RFID chip that holds rights to images, music and other data. The chips are covered in a gummy capsule and are edible after use. For instance, you buy one of these chips in a pack that has your favorite song on it, bring it home and drop it in your RFID gummy bear reader to access the data on it.

In this service proposal, RFID chips hold the usage rights to images and music available on the network. The chips are covered in a gummy capsule, and are edible after use. When the play unit is connected to the container, the basic unit, it can be used as an audio player. By setting it in the cradle connected to the display through wireless LAN, users can also enjoy visual contents. The chips are sold in packages just like candies. Blank chips on which users can allocate data will also be available.