Sony PSP to be released by March 2005

Sony PSP to be released by March 2005


Sony Entertainment has announced the PSP portable entertainment platform is scheduled for release no later then March 31, 2005. This platform will target early adopters and teens, by utilizing some of the most powerful and fastest hardware for gaming we have ever seen, the PSP may very well take over the mobile gaming market, bad news for Nintendo.

The PSP system consists of a 4.5-inch 16:9-format TFT LCD screen with dual microprocessors (two 32-bit MIPS R4000 microprocessors to be exact) and will run almost ten times faster then current PS2 console systems. That’s a heck-of-a-lot of power to be carrying around in your pocket. One of the MIPS CPUs will be dedicated to just graphics and media decoding, and an additional 166MHz 2MB VRAM graphics core for 3D rendering. The system has 2MB of on-board eDRAM submemory and another 8MB accessible memory, but will support Universal Media Discs (UMD) which are mini 60mm disc cartridges with a 1.8GB storage capacity and 11Mbps transfer rate.

Sony’s plans are to keep the PSP on the market for 10 years, hopefully it will be that good or users will dis-N-gage it.