Nokia to release 40 handsets in 2004

Nokia to release 40 handsets in 2004


At the Nokia Annual General Meeting, Nokia Chairman and CEO Jorma Ollila outlined how the transformation in the mobile communications industry, and Nokia’s strategy and new organization position the company for the future. In his speech, Ollila also reviewed the 2003 annual results, Nokia’s strategy, Nokia’s compensation philosophy and proposals to the AGM.

“As a part of expanding mobility into the different areas of our lives, businesses and communities, Nokia launched a record 40 new mobile devices last year, and we expect to launch a similar number in 2004,” said Jorma Ollila. “Our product portfolio will continue to be very competitive and will offer mobile devices that change the way we work, play and stay connected to the people and information that matter to us.”

A convergence of the mobile communications, information technology and media industries is creating opportunities for Nokia to develop new products and services in the areas of mobile games, multimedia and enterprise solutions. Guided by the vision of ‘Life Goes Mobile’, Nokia sees that mobility will enable people to move about more freely and to bring their digital content and applications with them.

In 2004, Nokia’s strategy continues to focus on three key activities: expand mobile voice, drive consumer mobile multimedia and bring extended mobility to the enterprise. “We have been following the trends in these markets for many years, and we shaped our strategy and business to establish a strong and visible presence,” said Ollila. “Increasing data traffic and the readiness of people to use their mobile devices for different tasks suggest that the multimedia and enterprise solutions markets offer new business opportunities.”