MSI unveils the Mega Player 515 and Cache 15

MSI unveils the Mega Player 515 and Cache 15


MSI this week announced their new MEGA player series multi-function portable audio MP3 player and the 1.5GB mobile storage unit. These are the latest gadgets announced at CeBIT 2004 from Microstar International.

The MSI Mega Player 515 provides up to 14 hours of battery life and comes in 128/256/512MB flash memory capacities. The integrated FM tuner provides memory for 10 FM stations and is capable of recording from tuner directly to the player.

Despite its small size, it shows you all the information you need such as EQ setting, battery status, track duration and more. The blue DLED Backlight is useful in dark environment. The display is capable of recognizing text displayed in over 10 international languages including English, Chinese, Spanish and French.

The Mega Cache 15 is a portable USB 2.0 storage device small enough to fit in your pocket. With 1.5GB of space for photos, music, video and other multimedia files the PnP interface makes it easily accessible on most new computers. The software bundled with the device is Flash Mail, allowing you to send/receive your personal emails from the PC, and FD Backup, allowing you to synchronize personal data to a PC. Having all this sensitive information on your device is defiantly dangerous, that’s why MSI included Secure Lock, this prevents unauthorized read/write access to all or part of the swing out USB Flash Disk.