FilePoint 3.0 brings Windows Networking to Palm Powered Devices

FilePoint 3.0 brings Windows Networking to Palm Powered Devices


FilePoint 3.0 from Bachmann software will give Palm Powered handheld owners a whole new world of options. With the explorer style interface, users can browse computers, network shares and network file folders just the same as with your desktop computer.

With FilePoint, a MS Word user can connect to a network share, copy important documents to a memory card, make changes with Documents To Go, then simply “File Save As” with FilePoint 3.0 to submit their changes back to the original network file completely avoiding the HotSync process. The possibilities are endless, imagine being able to access your MP3 files across the network, or to exchange papers, lesson plans and homework assignments wirelessly at school.

“We are pleased that Bachmann Software is adding Window’s networking support to their new version of FilePoint,” said Larry Berkin, director of developer marketing for PalmSource. “With the ability to access Windows networks, FilePoint enhances the utility of the more than 20,000 software applications available for Palm Powered mobile devices by allowing end users to extend their connectivity and access and their ability to use and transfer remote files stored on a network.”

“With FilePoint 3.0 and the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of the palmOne Tungsten C handheld, corporate and personal users can wirelessly access their corporate files from a Wi-Fi1 hotspot, “said Chris Erickson-King, wireless business development manager at palmOne, Inc. “We are excited that Bachmann has made this functionality available for our palmOne products.”

FilePoint 3.0 is priced at $29.99 USD, and is available immediately.