SpyPen uses 0.16-inch Colour Viewfinder

SpyPen uses 0.16-inch Colour Viewfinder


Kopin has released the CyberDisplay 113K EVF, an ultra-small, ultra-low power electronic viewfinder system that has been integrated into the new SpyPen Oboe digital camera unveiled at CTIA Wireless 2004.

The SpyPen Oboe digital camera has an unusual but stylish telescopic look with a 2.1-megapixel resolution and a 2x zoom. Built with the world’s smallest colour microdisplay which, at 0.16-inch diagonal, is as small as a grain of rice. The 113K EVF consumes far less battery power than other offerings, yet when used with an appropriate optic provides a virtual image size as large, clear and vibrant as full-size displays. In addition to the display, the CyberDisplay 113K EVF includes the lens, polarizer, backlight and housing.

The display in the CyberDisplay 113K EVF utilizes ultra-small colour-producing pixels for exceptional image quality. Each pixel is comprised of a red, green and blue sub-pixel, each of which measures a mere 6.3 x 11.3 microns. There are a total of 113,578 sub-pixels in the 0.16-inch diagonal display, a density that has never before been achieved. The display will extend battery power by consuming a mere 10 milliwatts of power while displaying a vivid full-color video image.